5 Ways To Reconnect With Yourself And Quiet Your Mind

In our day and age, in this busy, chaotic and face paced world, it’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives. So easy to lose ourselves, and so easy to feel scattered or disconnected. It’s extremely important to practice awareness and mindfulness daily and reconnect within, in order to be our best physically, emotionally, and creatively. These are 5 things I do when I need to reconnect back with myself and quiet my mind. 

If your mind is all over the place another great thing to do is focus on just one thing like a book.

Physical Expression

Walking, writing, dancing, painting, playing music, running, swimming- whatever it is that you love doing, do! When I’m feeling lost, or if my mind feels scattered I love writing, taking a walk outside or doing yoga. Letting my mind and thoughts surrender, and becoming completely absorbed through these acts of physical expression. It helps me to feel at peace with mind, helps release any negative or stagnant thoughts that are no longer serving me, and reconnects me creatively.



I get so absorbed in whichever book I’m reading, and am left always feeling so inspired and refreshed when I put it down. Reading is a super easy way to center yourself and help reinspire you in a creative way. Gaining knowledge from another persons point of view is so refreshing… to get out of your own head, your own thoughts, and dive into someone else’s. The next time your mind is all over the place, or if your feeling disconnected creatively, pick up a book.


Spending Time In Nature

Go outside and immerse yourself completely in nature- with no cell phone, no shoes on, no distractions.. just you, your mind, your body, your breath. This is such an easy and awe inspiring way to come back to yourself. Soak up all the love and positive energy this beautiful world has to offer. Take deep fresh breaths of pure air, close your eyes and feel the lush earth beneath you. Everything is in your control in this moment. Your mind will be as quiet as you let it. When you go back inside you will feel like a completely new person. You will feel replenished, invigorated and completely at peace. It’s extremely important to spend time in nature, and get away from all the distractions this world has to offer us.



No ohm’s or sage smudging here, just good old fashioned breathing. Attention to your breath is one of the easiest ways to bring calmness to your mind and reconnect within. Bringing attention inward, and connecting back with you own body. If your ever feeling scattered-brained, or detached, focusing on your own breath is one of the simplest things you can do anywhere, at any time to help bring stillness and refreshen your mind.


Quality Time With Yourself

As humans, we naturally like to be surrounded by other beings. This sense of connectivenes and sharing our space is something we thrive on. And is something that can be very positive and beneficial to our lives. But it’s also very important to spend time alone. It’s easy to lose ourselves in other people, so if your feeling disconnected, try spending some quality time with yourself. Go to the beach, hangout in a park, take yourself out to dinner, or have a fun weekend trip alone! I love spending time alone, as it helps me to really feel centered.




8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Reconnect With Yourself And Quiet Your Mind

  1. These are all so true. Getting out into nature especially makes me feel so much better, calmer, and happier, but I’m not the best at remembering to make time for it. I love your blog, Mariah! You are seriously so creative and talented!! ❤️

    1. Yeah, the little reminders are good 🙂 Aw, you are seriously so sweet!! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog❤️

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