Cosmic Photo Series For Rekt Mag | 35mm Photography

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Alex Lang a couple moons ago to shoot a photo series for Rekt Mag.

I am beyond excited about this and it is such an honor to have our series posted on Rekt. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now, and I can scroll through their website for days looking at all of the beautiful photo series posted on their site. So to see something up there that I was able to be a part of is extremely exciting.

Alex used her Pentax Spotmatic for this series, and did an amazing job at capturing this dreamy day.

She is such an incredible photographer, her work is honestly unreal!

Thank you Alex for transforming me into a little golden angel goddess in front of your camera.

Check out the full series here, it’s a groovy one you won’t want to miss!



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Alex Lang Photography For Rekt Magazine
Alex Lang Photography For Rekt Magazine



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