How To Find Creative Inspiration When You’re Feeling Completely Uninspired | 5 Ways

There’s some days where I feel completely uninspired. I want to write, and create new things, but I can’t seem to find that creative spark. I often times don’t want to write if I’m not feeling inspired, because I feel like my best work and energy won’t come out in my writings. And I want to always only put my best work out into the world.

But lately I’ve been finding that if I just pick up a pen and paper, or grab my computer and start writing, then the inspiration begins to flow. I recently came across this quote:

“If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter.”

And I find it to be completely accurate. It can be true for many things besides just writing. Like playing music, cooking, drawing, dancing, painting… whatever it is that creatively drives you. Sometimes I have so much inspiration to create, and it just effortlessly flows out of me, and other times my inspiration bank can run a little dry. I want to create, but I can’t find the inspiration to initially pick up that pen and paper. It’s these moments when I like to seek outwardly for inspiration.

For those days when my creative vision is foggy, I found doing these 5 things really help. I am always left with a very colorful creative vision, and my mind is beaming with thousands of new ideas! I think these ways to find inspiration will be beneficial for you as well. What are some ways you like to find inspiration? Let me know in the comments below so I can benefit from your advice as well!


5 Ways To Find Creative Inspiration


1. Take A Walk Outside

When I feel uninspired, I find that taking walks outside helps rejuvenate my mind. Being in nature, breathing in the fresh crisp air, under the natural sunlight helps clear my mind of any unnecessary thoughts. This leaves room for new thoughts and ideas to form. I am always left with so many new ideas, and the gentle exercise keeps my mind and body feeling active and anew, ready for a new creative adventure.


2. Immerse Yourself In Other Peoples Art

Go to a museum or gallery, read a book, magazine or blog, listen to music, watch a film, whatever you feel like doing, do. I always find it refreshing to get out of my own head and into someone else’s by immersing myself in other’s art, no matter what it may be. It’s creatively invigorating to get inside someone else’s mind, and see their creativity flow. This helps me grow ideas of my own, and helps me to look at things from someone else’s point of view. There is so much to learn from other’s, and their art. I find it incredibly important to expand my own mind in order to grow creatively.


3. Do Something Creatively New

Try doing something creative that you have never done before. Pick up a new skill, take a local art lass, learn a new language, or a new instrument. Anything that you have never done before, but are keen about learning, try! It’s important to always evolve individually, and you will be left feeling so inspired by getting out of your normal routine and trying something new. It’s important to feed your creativity new things, and it feels so good to step out of your comfort zone and try something you never have before.


4. New Surroundings

If you normally work from home, try taking your work to another place. Or if you normally work in a specific place, change it up. Take your guitar to the beach, bring your computer to a new coffee shop, or bring your journal or sketch pad to the park. The physical space that surrounds us has a huge impact on our creative mind and thought process. I find it extremely beneficial to switch up my surroundings.


5. Travel

Whenever I travel I always feel so inspired. Immersing yourself in a new culture, going on new adventures, and experiencing new places will spark that creative fire within. Traveling directing feeds your soul, which in turn feeds your mind. When I travel, and when I come back from my travels, I feel like a whole new person. It really helps keep my creative juices flowing.


And when all else fails, just start doing something! Remember, the first draft is never the final draft. And once you get something going, your creative inspiration will begin to flow.






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