First Time Traveling To Europe | My Experience 

My Experience Traveling Europe For The First Time

For the longest time wanted to travel to Europe. I had been contemplating the idea a bit more seriously for almost a year before I finally bought my plane tickets and kissed America goodbye (temporarily).

Me and my boyfriend Spencer decided to do a 4 county Northern European trip this time around. (choosing which countries to visit was almost the hardest part!)

We booked our outbound flights from LAX to London (which was surprisingly a lot cheaper then I had expected).

As our plane touched down in London town, I felt a frenzy of emotions, from freedom, excitement and giddiness- to comfort, slight confidence yet slight nervousness. And of course eagerness for what lies ahead.
London was everything I could have wanted and more. The rich history, beautiful architecture, lovely accents, and amazing food. London had me swoon by the very first day minute.

First Time To Europe | My Experience

First Time To Europe | My Experience

We also had a chance to visit Brighton for a day, and I’m dying to go back! Brighton is a lovely seaside town about an hour train ride south of London, with warm vintage feels that reminded me so much of San Francisco, my favorite city in America… (bold statement?)

First Time To Europe | My Experience


Next we jetted off to Amsterdam, which was lovely as expected.

The two things that stick out to me most from Amsterdam is the insane architecture.. I’ve never experienced a place like this before and fell in love straight away. And the fact that you can so freely buy psychedelics here.. Coffeeshops are a must.

Also, the Anne Frank house is a must and probably my favorite thing we did there. It hit my heart in a sensitive spot, and was extremely eye opening to how it actually was to have lived through that dark time.

First Time To Europe | My Experience

First Time To Europe | My Experience

First Time To Europe | My Experience


After Amsterdam, we jumped on another plane and headed over to Copenhagen.

I fell head over heels in love with Copenhagen. The people are so lovely, the architecture is insanely gorgeous, and I loved how “green” of a city it is. In fact they are one of the greenest cities in the world.

Their copious amounts of beautiful danish pastries are to die for.  And visit to Freetown Christiania is a must if you find yourself visiting Copenhagen. It is is a small commune of locals who broke away from the danish government in the 70’s.

First Time To Europe | My Experience

First Time To Europe | My Experience


Our last stop was Oslo, and it was a short sweet stay. Any longer and I would have gone bankrupt!

Everything in Oslo is so ridicuously expensive, so definitely good for a short trip as we did. I would love to go back to Norway and explore more of this beautiful country! A fjord cruise is a must here in Oslo! As is a wander through all of the cute shops/ vintage stores and lovely cafes in Grünerløkka.

First Time To Europe | My Experience

First Time To Europe | My Experience


I got asked a lot which country was my favorite out of the four, and honestly I can’t choose just one. I would travel back to every single place we visited. They were all so different and interesting in their own way.

I feel like it really depends upon the individuals experience of whether they like a certain country over another. I think thats why everyone has such mixed opinions. It really all comes down to your mindset, in my opinion!

I love the way travel makes me feel- I really sink into myself, and feel my best whilst exploring new places.

Overall, did I have a good first experience in Europe? Yes. Of course.

My simple yet important advice for you:

1.Be prepared, but don’t be overly prepared..  and be prepared to expect the unexpected.

2. Travel light. The lighter the better. (!!)

3. Travel slow. One or two countries is better then trying to get them all in because “you might not know when you will be back”. You will be back. You can make it happen if you really want it!

4. Be mindful of who you travel with. It can be hard to travel with others if they aren’t on the same page as you. Luckily, Spencer and I travel well together, but the person you choose to travel with can make or break your trip.

I’m so extremely thankful I had the opportunity to travel in Europe. I loved the time I was able to spend there, so much so that I didn’t want to come home!

Until next time Europe… for now I’ll just think of all the beautiful memories and experiences you gave me.




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  • How much fun is that! I’m so glad you went! I wish for everyone to do some travelling, I think it helps you become a better person, it helps you grow, see how others are living… I loved your photos! and I love Europe! I think I’m lucky since I have family in Germany, so I have gone a few times, and I will be back again and again! Your photos brought back such great memories!

    • Yes I agree completely! Traveling really does help you grow as a person and experience other cultures. It helps me to appreciate the world as a whole, and feel more connected. In my opinion at least!

      Ah yes! You are very lucky you have family in Germany so you are able to travel often, and they probably having amazing tips on what to eat and what to see 🙂

      I’m glad my photos were able to bring back good memories for you!! Where else have you traveled in Europe??