Full Moon Rituals / How To Harness The Energy Of The Full Moon And Enhance Your Intentions

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The moon has so much of an affect on us, physically, mentally and emotionally- whether we are aware of it or not. As the moon changes through her cycles and different stages, we can actually harness the different energies that the moon gives off through these phases to help benefit our lives.

The full moon brings about feelings of higher energy, increased and heightened emotions, and is a time for positive opportunities if you are aware of how to use this special time correctly.

Since the full moon holds so much energy we naturally reap the effects from it. Whether positive or negative.

If we are thinking good thoughts, spreading good energy, and carrying the intentions we set at the new moon, the full moon will enhance all these things for your benefit.

And vice versa, if you are thinking negative thoughts, and carrying around negative emotions that don’t benefit you, then these negative things will be enhanced.

Everything that is going on in your life at the time of the full moon (mind, body, spirit) will be amplified during this phase of the moon.

So the trick is to use this energy properly so you can really thrive from the energy the full moon brings about.

Tapping into the influence of the moon during this period is a great time for really focusing on your intentions and expressing gratitude, love and positivity.


The full moon is a great and powerful time to release whatever is no longer serving you.

Meditate in the moonlight on your intentions, and release the unnecessary things from your life.

Use this impressive and influential energy to let go of things that no longer benefit you.

If you feel comfortable, say aloud 3 ohm’s to really center your space and bring about more energy.

Crystals And The Full Moon

The full moon is one of the best times to cleanse/ re-energize your crystals.

I set mine outside or on a windowsill where the moonlight hits them.

Set each crystal down with an intention, or with gratitude.

Your crystals will soak up the cleansing and energizing energy from this moon bath overnight.

These crystals listed below are great to use at the time of the full moon.

Moonstone- this is a great crystal to use at the time of the full moon to further tap into the energy of the moon. It enhances feminine energy and self expression, and brings forth creativity, calmness and insight.

Smoky Quartz- helpful for elevating moods, and overcoming negative emotions. Smoky quartz will help keep you grounded during this time of high energy.

Selenite- helps us to communicate with our higher selves, creates clarity, and enhances personal transformation.

Choose the crystals that are right for you at this time..

If you want to manifest love in your life, choose a rose quartz. If you wish to enhance intuition, choose amethyst. If you want to cultivate confidence or success, choose citrine. And so on…

Aromatherapy And The Full Moon

Just like crystals, our space needs to be cleansed in order to function at optimal vibration.

We must shed those things that are no longer serving us, and move forward with our intentions and newfound energy.

A great way to do this is through aromatherapy. These essential oils are ones that resonate with me best at the time of the full moon.

Cypress- very cleansing, grounding and promotes self-confidence. Cypress also helps with the release of things that are no longer serving you.

Citrus- citrus oils are very uplifting and help clear out negative emotions and stagnant energy. Citrus also promotes a more positive mindset and brings forth happiness which is our focus at the time of the full moon.

Tea Tree- helps release and cleanse mental and emotional stress.

Rose- promotes emotional balance, well-being and keeps your heart open.

Again, just like crystals-choose the essential oils that are right for you, the ones that you manifest with most at this time.

Add these oils to your diffuser, rub some on your temples, or add it to your cleansing and energizing bath (my favorite way to use them).

Be Grateful

The full moon is such an amazing time to write a gratitude list.

The recognition of everything that your appreciative of will be even more enhanced at this time.

It’s extremely important to be thankful of everything good in your life.

Your focus on the good will bring about more good.

You Are What You Eat

The full moon amplifies everything, including the food you put into your body.

This is a great time to eat healthier and lighter, since these are the feelings that will be enhanced during the full moon.

And you would rather feel light, healthy and energized, as opposed to heavy, sick, and tired right?

Fill your body with delicious plant based foods that will leave you feeling amazing.

Be Mindful Of Your Mindset

Since everything is amplified during the full moon it is super important to stay positive and focus on your intention.

This is not a time to fight or argue with others, but rather a time to spread as much happiness as possible.

Try to stay mindful of your mindset at this time, and if a negative thought or emotion comes to you, simply let it go. It does not serve you.

Enhance the positivity in your life, not the negativity.

And enjoy the energy this full moon brings!

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