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It Gets Deeper - Mindful Daze Blog

One day I woke up, and things weren’t the same,

I heard the stars and sky calling my name.

I saw a pale light burning in the distance,

I saw this pale light burning all the limits.


Whoever knew this light could shine so bright?

Whoever knew the world could see the light?


Close your eyes, and open your mind.

Baby can’t you see what’s there?

All our lives we try to find,

The answer that’s right here.


Can’t you see it from a world away?

Can’t you see what it can create?


Cause babe it goes deeper than you and me,

It goes deeper then the sun and the sea.

Life gets deeper when you can see

All the opportunities that can be.


So take it,

And embrace it,

And learn to let go.

Cause baby it was meant to always grow.




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