It’s Okay To Do Nothing

In our current day and age, we have turned into such a busy species…

We constantly have places to go, people to see, and things to do. We easily get lost in to-do lists, and grocery lists, and half of the time we can’t find the time to finish everything or forget things due to our messy thoughts. We are too busy with work, too busy to call our grandparents, too busy to work on our dreams. We find ourselves wondering where the day has gone. Where the week has gone. And how this year has gone by so fast.

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t allow myself to just sit on the couch and hang out during the day, take a nap, or let myself watch TV unless I was working on something productive simultaneously. I was in the mindset that I constantly had to be doing something, or else I would be considered lazy. We have evolved into this busy generation. But don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer in not being lazy and unproductive, but I believe there is a fine line between being lazy, and letting yourself do nothing at times.

To do nothing is truly an art.

It’s so refreshing to just be with yourself, with your thoughts, with the day, with the sun, with your friend, with your dog, with the earth and have no worries or thoughts buzzing around your busy brain.

To do less, and be more.

So don’t feel guilty for taking a nap, watching and listening to the waves crash on the beach, taking a relaxing bath, or staring out the window and appreciating this earth we get to call home. Do these things. And do them often +with pleasure! Enjoy your life while you’re here. Don’t put too much stress on yourself every day, and look up from your screen to reconnect with what we have. The more you do “nothing”, the more you will realize what you have, and you will appreciate this life even more.


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