Lavender London Fog (Earl Grey Latte)

Lavender London Fog - Mindful Daze Blog
A London fog with a lavender twist is the perfect summer weeknight coffee date latte. Bergamont from the earl grey tea is naturally uplifting, and the lavender is naturally relaxing which creates the perfect balance. This latte is so light and refreshing, it will be your new summer go-to.


Lavender London Fog - Mindful Daze BlogWhy I love this recipe: It’s warm and satisfying, it’s healthy but comforting, it’s relaxing but rejuvenating, and it’s a fun interesting twist on a regular tea latte.


-1/2 cup cashew milk (coconut milk works well too)

-1 earl grey tea bag or loose leaves

-1/2 cup hot water

-2-3 drops lavender essential oil-food grade (if you don’t have this you can steep 1 lavender tea bag as well)

-1/2 tsp vanilla extract

-Raw cane sugar to taste (optional)

*use organic products when available



-First, steep a strong cup of your tea with 1/2 cup of water- remove tea bag or leaves once it is steeped.

-Then steam your milk, and if you have a frother now would be the perfect time to put it to good use!

-Pour your warmed milk into the tea then add your lavender, vanilla and optional sweetener. Stir well and enjoy!









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