Love Your Body | A Self-Love Memoir From My Body To Yours

Our Body…

The place where we will spend our whole entire lives in, from the moments of our first breaths to the moments of our last.

The place we wake up in early before the sun rises, with the sweet smell of dawn kissing our face.

The place we stay out late at night in hanging out with friends, talking, singing and drinking into the moonlight.

The place that is always there for us no matter what we are going through. Thick or thin.

The place we sometimes treat so right and often treat so wrong.

The place we often hate and only sometimes love.

When we look in the mirror and look back at that image staring back at us, stark naked, the first thoughts that usually come to mind are negative. We always find something to criticize- my hips are too big, my skin is not smooth, my boobs are too small, my stomach is not flat. We can never seem to agree with our bodies no matter how hard it tries. Instead of loving what we see, we choose to hate it.

Instead of appreciating the body we have been gifted with and the sole fact to just love our bodies because it is the vessel that carries our life on this earth, we choose to criticize and wish for something else, or say: “when I lose 10 pounds then I will love my body”. Instead of giving it love now.

We push our bodies so hard when it’s had enough.

We don’t give it enough sleep when it’s asking for rest.

We don’t keep it active when it’s begging to move.

We don’t feed it enough when it tells us it’s starving.

We feed it too much when it says it’s full.

Your body tries so damn hard every day to please you, and we can’t even give it a simple thank you for all of its hard work. Appreciate all your bodies strength and endurance. Appreciate all the love that it has given to you. Appreciate the fact that it has been here for you every damn day of your life.

It will always pick you up when you have fallen, and will always be with you through the toughest days. Your body is on this journey of life with you. This is your body and only yours. You are the only one that gets to have it and truly love it. Every little difference, every little flaw, and every imperfection makes your body original, beautiful and unique. Don’t let anyone or anything make you think otherwise. Your body is a gorgeous work of art.

Feed it well, treat it well, take care of it well, but mostly, love it well.





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