30 Days of Mindfulness Workbook


Make your next 30 days intentional and full of mindfulness + awareness so that you can live your best life possible! This workbook includes a quick guide to what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness, 30 daily mindfulness challenges + a daily reflections section for you to write in.

Do you find yourself not having as much joy in your daily life as you feel like you should? Trust me. I know! I have been there. And it wasn’t until I started practicing mindfulness that my world view changed. Learning how to fully be present in each moment, instead of letting each day pass me by has made me feel grounded + centered and has given me so much more confidence! Once I started being mindful of each present moment, it gave me such a strong sense of appreciation for life that I never had before. 

Do you want to enhance your life? With each daily challenge you will feel a stronger sense of personal connection + mindfulness. The challenges will help you become aware of things you might not have been aware of previously, or things we so often take for granted. 

Instantly transform your life with this 44 page interactive workbook that you can download instantly. This aesthetically designed digital workbook can be accessed from any electronic device. 




Included in this workbook:

  • 44-page ebook (as a PDF file)
  • Benefits of mindfulness
  • 30 daily mindfulness challenges
  • 30 daily reflections section (fillable on electronic device)


  • Beautifully designed pages
  • Customized interactive workbook for you to print or fill out electronically 
  • Easy to download and use instantly 
  • Detailed challenges to help you achieve a state of mindfulness 

Requirements + Method

This workbook requires either access to a printer or an electronic device that you can access daily. You have 4 options when downloading this interactive workbook.

  1. Computer Download the file and save it to your desktop. You can open it in preview (be sure to save all changes if filling it out in preview) or in the Adobe Acrobat Application to be able to fill it out, alternatively you can open it on the Apple Books Applications (if on an apple device).
  2. Tablet (such as an iPad) Download the file and copy it to the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Application or the Apple Books Application (if on an apple device).
  3. Smartphone Download the file and copy it the Adobe Acrobat Reader Application or the Apple Books Application (if on an apple device).
  4. Print Download the file and print it out for your use.

If downloading electronically, using one of the methods mentioned above, simply click on the line or in the colored box provided and you will be able to type in your response.

For any further questions please contact by email: mariah@mindful-daze.com


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