Why Setting New Intentions Isn’t Just For The New Year

“There are so many places to go in your mind in your heart, in the world. Set your intentions and the rest will unfold.”

I heard this quote while in a yoga class last year right around this time. Although so simple and straightforward, this quote has resonated and stuck with me ever since. There is so much depth and truth behind these words. But the most important word in this quote is intentions.

Everything starts with an intention… Any change you wish to see, any place you desire to go, any goal you wish to accomplish. It’s all right here. Right at your fingertips. And if we wish to grow as individuals, we must first set an intention.

The new year is synonymous with new beginnings. Most all of us make new goals or resolutions we hope to accomplish, new places we desire to see, or new path’s we would like to create. As humans, we tend to get stuck in patterns, and a lot of times these patterns can become negative. “I don’t have the time” “I don’t have the money” “I don’t have the energy” Whatever the excuse is, we always seem to find a good one for the reason we aren’t moving forward in the direction we desire.

A lot of times we get so motivated at the beginning of the year to set a new goal to accomplish, which is great, but setting a new goal shouldn’t only be for the new year. We should constantly be setting new goals, and pushing ourselves to be the best version we can possibly be. What is the point of life if we aren’t living it the way we truly want? What’s the point of setting a goal at the beginning of the year just to forget about it one month later?

I think it’s incredibly beneficial to always be setting new goals whether big or small… whether we can accomplish it in 3 days or 3 years. To reassess your life, so that you can be aware of living it the best way possible. Because you are completely worthy of living the best life possible. And you can create it for yourself.

Work on one goal at a time (in hopes to not overwhelm yourself and forget about the entire intention you set in the first place). Do something that scares you, push yourself to your limit, do that one thing you’ve been putting off- and don’t just wait till the new year to do it. Be the best version of yourself year around, and work on yourself (and practice self-love) constantly. Work on your intentions daily so that the rest can unfold.



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