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Sweet potatoes are a staple in my life. There is never a time where my kitchen doesn’t have any. They are so versatile and satisfying and make for a great healthy on-the-go snack. Here are three effortless ways I like to enjoy mine, how do you enjoy yours?

*poke a couple of holes in your potatoes, and bake in the oven at 425 F until tender (about 1 hour give or take, depending on how big they are)


Mexican Stuffed Potato

Why I love this recipe: It’s hearty & satisfying, I usually have all of the ingredients on hand, it’s low in fat, non-vegans love it, and it tastes so amazing. 


-Whole cooked black beans

-Chili lime jackfruit from Upton’s Naturals (found at most Wholefoods or here)

-Raw or frozen corn

-Red bell pepper


-Avocado or guacamole

-A squeeze of half a lime

-Top with salsa


Chickpea Mediterranean

Why I love this recipe: it’s comforting and flavorful, healthy and satiating, and different than your normal stuffed potato.


-Whole cooked chickpeas

-Diced fresh tomatoes

-A drizzle of tahini (I like to use the tahini sauce from Trader Joes)

-A dollop of hummus

-A squeeze of half a lemon

-Parsley to taste

-Sprinkle with garlic salt (optional)


Sweet & Satisfying

Why I love this recipe: it’s sweet and extremely simple, a healthy dessert, a fun way to eat a potato,  satisfies all my sweet tooth cravings, coconutty goodness, and smells heavenly.


-A dollop of coconut cream (you can get this in a can from Trader Joes) or coconut-based ice cream

-A drizzle maple syrup

-Cinnamon to taste

-Vanilla bean powder to taste

-Garnish with crushed pecans


*for optimal nutrition I use organic ingredients when possible




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