I’ve Been Vegan For Two Years | These Are The Changes I’ve Noticed

Wow, I can’t believe two years have already gone by and I haven’t consumed any animal products. I officially went vegan many many moons ago, making this the second year of fully committing to a plant-based lifestyle. Before going vegan, I thought that all vegans were crazy or excessive. I thought that the lifestyle would be way to complicated to keep up with. And I truly believed only weirdos were vegan. And never in a million years did I think I could never give up cheese or ice cream! I had the preconceived idea that if I ever went vegan I would feel so deprived from the foods I wanted. But here we are two years later, and I feel on top of the world. Now I am that “weirdo” and I can’t be any happier about it. (Plus I still get my cheese and ice cream fix in whenever I’m in the mood.)

Ive noticed so many incredible changes in my life, and am so so happy with this transistion I’ve made. Going vegan has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I wholeheartedly believe in the plant based lifestyle, and fully believe it helps me to feel my best mentally, and physically. There’s no better feeling then knowing your doing the best thing possible for yourself and for the planet everyday. I’m so beyond ecstatic that I’ve found this lifestyle.

These are my personal experiences and changes I’ve noticed through my individual journey on the vegan lifestyle. This is everything I noticed transform in my life, and how I feel about committing to be vegan now that I have been for over two years.

Feeling more connected

Ever since going vegan, I feel so connected to the planet, the animals, and myself. I’ve found my compassion has grown immensely for all beings. I am now firm in the belief that the animals and planet are here with us, not for us. I love waking up every day knowing that each food choice I make is directly benefiting the planet, the animals, and my body. By making these simple conscious food choices, I notice the positive impact I’m making on our earth daily. And I love seeing my footprint becoming smaller and smaller, as I feel better and better internally.

Mental clarity + energy

The vegan lifestyle has given me so much mental clarity. This amazing side effect is due to the fact that my diet now consists of more natural, and whole foods that are packed with tons of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. I no longer eat as many processed foods, or animal products that can be damaging to our bodies. Therefore leaving my body and mind feeling on top of the world, and leaving me with so much mental clarity.

Like most of us, I often wake up early for work, and don’t get to bed until late. This routine can take a toll on our mind and bodies, and affect us in a negative way mentally, physically, and emotionally. It can be a very draining lifestyle, often filled with tons of mental grogginess. But due to my diet change, I feel my days are now filled with more energy and mental clarity. It is easier for me stay awake and energized during the day, and my thoughts are a lot clearer.

Physical changes

For much of my teen years, to early adult life, I suffered from horrible eczema. I had tried every trick in the book and nothing seemed to get rid of it. It wasn’t until I made the change to become vegan did I notice my eczema really started going away and stayed away. Every now and then, I will get minor, minor irritations behind my knees or at the crease of my elbow which is strictly stress related, and doesn’t stay for more than a few days. I am so relieved that I don’t have to suffer from eczema anymore as it was a very negative thing in my life.

Another physical change I’ve noticed, is that my hair is thicker then it used to be. Also, my nails are so much stronger and healthier. I used to have really thin fragile nails, that would spilt all the time, and had ridges in them. Now, my nails are smooth, so strong, and grow so fast!

Ever since switching my diet, I rarely get sick. When the bug is catching everyone around me, it somehow never seems to catch me. Seems like I only get sick once in a blue moon now! (thank god)

I poop more

Honestly guys, haha. I used to only poop probably every other day. Now I poop at least once a day, if not two or sometimes even three times depending on how many fruits I am eating. Also, my poops are now quicker and cleaner. Sorry if this is T.M.I. for some of you, but it’s true, and I feel so much better! I feel lighter and cleaner these days, as my food now passes through my system faster instead of sitting in my stomach for days.

Being vegan is cheaper than I expected

I always thought going vegan would end up costing me an arm an a leg to keep up with the lifestyle. But it has been anything but that. I’m not sure why people always say that eating vegan is much more expensive. Sure some products and items can get pricey (as with any diet you are following can), but there are definitely ways around it!

I find buying in bulk, and shipping locally and seasonally at farmers markets really help cut costs. And lately I’ve been using Thrive Market, which has saved me tons of money on all of the healthy vegan products I love to buy! I buy all of my vegan snacks, milks, beauty products, cleaning products, and anything else really that I need (and want). They seriously have everything you need at a huge fraction of the price! And they also offer 20% off your first three orders on top of the crazy discounts. I highly recommend checking them out to save so much money on your daily staples for a healthier life.


Influencing those around me

This I probably one of the hugest things I’ve noticed since going vegan, and probably the one I am most happy about. Ever since I’ve changed my lifestyle, I’ve noticed that my friends and family around me have also been making healthier lifestyle changes. It makes me so happy when I’m not even the one to say “hey, let’s try this vegan restaurant” or when they ask for almond milk in their latte’s. These little changes are such a positive step, and really make a huge difference for your health, and for the planet. It makes me happy to see that my simple lifestyle change, can help guide others into becoming more aware of the vegan diet, so they can live a healthier and happier life as well.

Having a healthy relationship with food

I finally have a healthy relationship with food and no longer see food as my enemy. All throughout my teen years until the time I went vegan, I looked at food in such a negative way. It was a love/hate relationship, and I had very very poor eating habits. Food was my enemy. It made me either feel deprived or guilty. I loved the way it tasted, but hated the way it would make me feel. I longed to feel free from the burden of food, and the stress it put on me mentally.

But now, I don’t see food as my enemy. Food has become my friend, and I see it strictly as nourishment for my body. I can now eat as much as I want, and feel good after I eat, because I know I am nourishing my body. I can (finally) say confidently that I have a healthy relationship with food, which is such a relief.

Healthier food choices

Ever since going vegan, I’ve found a stronger interest in nutrition and a healthier lifestyle overall. And to get to this place I am in now, I’ve done a lot of research, read tons of books, and watched thousands of documentaries.  Through this process I have become a lot more educated on nutrition, holistic health and veganism. Which only justifies my diet choices more, and makes me feel completely confident in my choice to become vegan.

When becoming vegan, I thought I would get tempted with non-vegan desserts on holidays or donuts at work. I thought I would feel like I’m missing out. But honestly now, I never feel tempted to want those foods. And I never feel like I’m missing out on something. I simply do not have the craving to eat foods that aren’t vegan. Sure, I wish there were sometimes more vegan options for everyone to share. But I no longer have that need or desire to eat foods like that. I simply see it as junk that I don’t want to put in my body. I don’t even give it a second thought.

Traveling can sometimes be tough as a vegan

Traveling can get tough when traveling with others who aren’t vegan. When alone or with someone else who is vegan this isn’t an issue at all. But traveling to other countries where veganism isn’t as widely accepted as my home in California, can get a little tough. Sometimes, I feel like a burden for the other person. Or I will feel bad because it is harder to find vegan restaurants in some countries. (especially if there is a language barrier) In these situations, its best to be prepared (always keep some sort of vegan snack in your bag) and do your research before hand. Happy Cow is an amazing app/website for any of you vegan travelers!

You will always encounter that annoying person

I thought this would calm down after a while, but here we are, two years deep into this lifestyle and I still get those people in my life who like to give me a hard time about being vegan. It happens and it will continue to happen. The best thing you can do is smile, laugh along with their jokes (that you’ve heard one too many times), answer any questions they might have calmly, and simply be a good example by the way you live.

Being vegan is a learning experience

I still sometimes make mistakes, and will accidentally eat something not vegan. It happens, and it will happen. In the beginning I made a lot more mistakes. But the longer I am vegan, the more I learn about foods and how to order correctly at restaurants. Every day is a learning experience. Not every vegan is the same. But we are all trying our best to live the healthiest lifestyle possible in the most practical way!

If you have any questions about the vegan lifestyle feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I would be more than happy to help you answer any questions you might have! If your curious as to why someone would want to be vegan, or what the benefits are for your health, the animals, and the environment, check this this out.





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  • oh you made me laugh! I loved this post so much! Thanks for sharing! You’re so right about everything! I’m coming up, in October, being Vegan for 2 years too and I am so excited! You know, if people make fun of the vegan concept with me, I actually just put it back in their face. Like one time, I just said, “Well, good luck with your heart disease!” Usually I just educate and tell them the facts. The facts about the nutrition etc, and the facts about the earth and the animals. A lot of people still don’t know…they need education, that’s for sure. It’s so sad but true! Do you know about “cronometer”. I think this is a great teaching tool because you can just add your food that you’ve had for that day, and it tells you exactly how much percentage you’ve had of your vitamin A, for example. All vitamins, minerals, and, carbs, fat and protein ratio…. and it even breaks down the proteins. Check it out! I tell as many people as possible about cronometer because everyone thinks you have to eat meat to get your protein. What about pumpkin seeds!!??

    • Haha I’m glad you can relate! That’s a really good response when people make fun of vegans. I’m going to use that! It’s true, and might make hem think a little 🙂 But yes, it’s very sad so many people don’t know about the affects of animal agriculture and the earth, animal products and your health, and even how the animals are treated! Many people don’t make the connection. But hoping we (as vegans) can help educate for a more positive, healthier and happier world! And yes!! I love cronometer. It’s very useful, and great for those first coming to veganism who might be nervous about certain vitamins and nutrients. But it’s a lot easier to hit all the nutrient targets in a day being vegan then one might think 😉 thank you for reading this post. And happy almost vegan anniversary! 🙂

  • Love it! I have been thinking about going vegan for quite some time now. I rarely eat any meat. Especially knowing what horrible lives those poor animals endure before becoming our food. This might just make me go for it.