Why Fear Is Good | Pushing Your Limits To Grow As An Individual


It’s quite a funny concept when you really think about it. And actually quite ridiculous when you think about it even more. Sure it has its positives like keeping us alert and safe in dark situations. But nowadays it is mostly just something which we manifest within ourselves as an individual. Something we simply make up inside our heads. And something we let rule our lives. But fear is the exact thing that makes us really grow as individuals. This word goes beyond what you would normally think when it comes to mind… It’s the passions and aspirations you dream to pursue. The job you’ve always wanted. The ideas you don’t pitch. The city you yearn to move to. The love you aren’t vulnerable to. The help you won’t ask for. The destination/vacation you long for. The friends you don’t make. The opportunities you don’t take…

This fear stems from the “what if” factor. “What if I fail? What if things don’t go as planned? The fear of not knowing what will come next. The fear of the unknown. But by really owning your fear and pushing your limits, you will get to the place you desire to be. Going out of your comfort zone without limitations- to truly find who you are. To gain courage, strength, and confidence. To grow.

Like if you were to have a phobia of the dark.. The way you would overcome this phobia and grow out of it wouldn’t be to always keep a light on when the sun goes down. You would get over this phobia by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and facing your fear. To go into the dark without having to turn on the light. To overcome the “what if” thought process and be completely vulnerable to the situation. Encountering your phobia with the intention of not letting it hold you back.

After doing this time after time, you will grow immensely. You will soon no longer be scared of whatever it is that was holding you back. You will be stronger as an individual and proud of what you’ve accomplished. Because why would you let something so silly and imaginary rule your life in such a negative way? Why would you allow something that isn’t even necessarily real hold you back from how you really want to live your life?

Life is precious and we should spend it doing what we love. Not letting anything hold us back. Living life without regrets. Facing your fears and pushing your limits. Handling whatever life throws your way. Not completely eliminating fear, but rather learning how to leverage it. To really evolve out of your comfort zone so that you can actually live. To learn, to explore, to flourish. And to be truly happy! After all, it is your life, isn’t it?

Be happy. Be fearless. Take the initiative. And live the life you truly want, not letting fear hold you back.





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